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Hot Sauce Boosts Metabolism

Written By Aren Johnstone 01 Jan 2018
Hot Sauce Boosts Metabolism

Recently, evidence has been found that hot sauces can actually boost metabolism.  There are articles about this coordinating relationship posted in the NY Times online,, and a review in the Chemical Senses publication in 2012 and many more.  All of which shows the link between a naturally occurring chemical called capsaicin found in chili peppers.   Chili peppers are one of the ingredients used in Sriracha Stix and hot sauce.

The findings show a slight body temperature rise happens from the metabolic boost that capsaicin gives off and it is about an 8% rise on average.  That boost can last for hours but individual results do vary.  This is said to increase calorie burning not only due to the metabolic boost but also due to the fact that the body has to also expend energy to lower the temperature back to normal.  The studies mentioned that as the result of this, hot chili peppers allow the body to have an increased ability for fat oxidation also known as fat-burning.

For many people following a lower calorie diet in order to lose weight, having a bit of an increase in metabolism can help over time.  The body’s metabolism naturally slows down a bit when calories are restricted as it has to operate on less energy, so having an internal boost can help offset the slowing from the calorie reduction.  Overall this will help the entire process of losing weight itself as you burn more calories by having a faster metabolism to truly help to facilitate results over the long term.  All of the information mentioned is based on a person in good health with no health problems.

A Canadian study showed that men who consumed a spicy appetizer that contained capsaicin prior to their meal ended up consuming 200 calories less during their meal.  The conclusion was reached that the chemical in chili peppers can also reduce appetite, and that can also lead to more weight loss.  

Due to the fact that the metabolic increase is subtle yet relevant, it should not be relied upon solely to lose weight and more of as an aid to help with the process.  There are so many tactics and theories out there that when they are all combined will likely give the best overall results.  Healthy eating and exercise are two factors that you can never go wrong with as well as for individual health benefits gained from a healthy lifestyle that occur in the short and long-term.  

The best results from any weight loss pursuit take time to show but they are typically the more lasting kind that can be maintained if a new lifestyle is developed.  However, if your current health permits, eating Sriracha Stix or hot sauce is like having some help in the process, which is better than no help at all.

That is another great point with using Sriracha Stix is that they do not add a ton of unnatural ingredients to a meal or snack.  The ingredient list is simple and very satisfying with the warmth and savory flavor provided.  When Sriracha is used with almost any food item, all you are adding is the flavor, not much else.

Sriracha Stix are extremely low calories so it won’t really affect a restricted calorie diet which is great news!  Feeling overly restricted when you sit down to eat a meal is far from enjoyable, and tough to maintain.  If lifestyle and food choices are found that can be easily adhered to, the results are achievable.  This is a bonus if you want to maintain a healthy eating using simple ingredients.  Living and eating healthy with some flavor on the go is not always easy.  However, now it can be with all the recipes offered on this website, now you can have meals that are easy, healthy, and not to mention very tasty!

For the days when you want to cook something delicious but still on the healthy side and not full of additives that you can’t pronounce, then Sriracha Stix are the perfect go-to item.  It can spice up your life in so many ways from Spanish Rice, Tofu Triangles, Chicken Tenders, and so many more, with new recipes added monthly.  Just see our other recipes for more healthy options to fit your lifestyle.

Go to, or today to start cooking with flavor soon!

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